The Wild Deserve a Life, Too!

Atlanta Rat- and Other Things You Don’t Enjoy -Removal

RatThere are incredibly caring individuals who devote careers or volunteer time with extensive experience helping you live peacefully around wildlife intruders by safely removing them. If you live or work anywhere in Central Georgia, especially around Atlanta, we at Atlanta Squirrel Removal are available to help you with any possible critter be it a rat, an armadillo, even a snake. We don’t catch and run, as we take the long-term approach to solving your rat, bat, animal or snake problem so you don’t encounter the same fearsome aggravation season after season.

Our credentials are as members of:
• Georgia Pest Control Association,
• National Pest Management Association,
• National Wildlife Control Operators Association.
• We are licensed by the Georgia Division of Wildlife
• Georgia Department of Agriculture.
When we answer your call, we trap and humanely release wild animals, using only traps that are approved by the United States Humane Society and state Division of Wildlife. We are wildlife removal experts with one purpose: removing them from your premises. Our personnel are experienced in trapping and removing the following:
• all species of bats,
• all species of snakes,
• skunks,
• mice,
• rabbits,
• birds,
• gophers,
• prairie dogs,
• raccoons,
• bees and wasps
Snakes Are Unusual

You probably question how we trap snakes safely , remove them from your home area and return them to the wild.
There are commercially sold snake traps which, unlike the metal animal traps, are essentially thin but strong pizza-size cardboard boxes with the left and right sides removed. There is no way to open the “box”, and inside the compartment made by the side-less box there is a very thick and sticky-grabby adhesive. This trap has also been treated with a rodent type lure appealing to snakes. The trap is placed on the ground or flooring where we believe the snake may be or may travel and the trap is left alone for a day or two except to occasionally check carefully to see if it has been caught. The adhesive will entrap the snake and hold it even stronger as it wriggles against the adhesive gel wanting to escape. Once the reptile is trapped, we carefully carry the trap with its prisoner to a far away and safe area. We never ever:
• attempt to kill the snake
• throw the box away to starve it;
• that is not humane.

After we have removed the snake box safely away from houses, pets and people, and have chosen a place where it would be in its own environment and not yours, we gently pour vegetable oil into the box without encountering the snake. Once we have liberally poured oil into the box, we leave the snake box on the ground and quickly leave the area. The oil will enable the snake to free itself from the sticky adhesive so it can leave the box. Now you know why you should call our workers at Atlanta Bat Removal!



Although they do not speak, animals are our friends. They can enter your house without permission, but for that there is a solution. You should call for a removal company, whose policy is humane removal form. We are an association that provide reviews for the best wildlife removal companies. For more information write to us at: